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Network Infrastructure and Computer Fleet Management

At ITCS we are happy to discuss your office network needs (wired and wireless) and provide recommendations based on current best practices. Design and deploy a robust and secure network.

We provide yearly contracts to manage, maintain and update your computer endpoints (PCs, Servers and Network Equipment)

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Access Control

As certified installers we design, setup and provision Access Control solutions following industry’s standards, best practices and code enforcement compliant.

Securement of doors, pedestrian/vehicle gates, elevator cabins through multi-Technology fob readers are some of the many possibilities we can offer to secure your premises.

Security Experts

CCTV Design, Setup and Analytics

Maintaining a secure location goes beyond access control, protected areas and zone separation. We have years of experience in designing and deploying CCTV systems; including License Plate Recognition.

As certified installers we understand the proper application of camera’s resolution/angle/placement/lighting conditions, etc.

Let us understand your needs and deliver a solution that will meet your project requirements and lessen your liability. 


Smart and Fun Spaces

Distributed Audio/Video

Been around a hotel and wonder how the different areas like lobby, pool, gym are streaming different audio/video content?

We can make that happen at your office/facility. As certified Audio/Video installers we can bring to your space recognized and trusted solutions.

Let’s have a conversation about what your final vision looks like and how we can fully customize a multifaceted design and deployment that matches your budget.

Infrastructure Cabling

Voice and Data Wiring
Data Center Design and Installation
Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure
Cable Management Systems
Copper, and Coaxial Cables
Data Rack Installation
Cable Trays

VoIP and PBX Installation

Your company’s telecom choices are endless in today’s digital world. Choosing the right telecom system for your business can be confusing. ITCS Corp delivers innovative telecom solutions that are designed to meet your business’s needs. From PBX installations to VoIP systems to audio and video conferencing, we offer phone systems and communications solutions at very competitive prices.

We take great pride in our telecom installation services, testing and maintenance procedures. Our main goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction through the highest quality service, equipment and built-in upgrade potential.

Office Startup

ITCS Corp has extensive experience in setting up technology systems for new businesses and office start ups. This includes hardware recommendations and selecting the appropriate servers, routers, firewalls, e-mail systems, virus protection, backup and more. We install and configure all hardware, software, networks and workstations to get your office up and running smoothly.

Our highly skilled technicians will ensure that each workstation is configured to meet the needs of each employee. Upon completion of each installation, we ascertain that every workstation is fully operational – and printing to designated printers, receiving e-mail and Internet access

Office Relocation

In business today downtime is costly. ITCS Corp can help you devise a relocation plan that will keep your business up and running throughout the moving process.  Our relocation service offers more than simply moving computers. We can also assist with the de-installation and reinstallation of networks.

We offer multiple budgetary options based on the needs of your business


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